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    "Build-A-Bog" is a DOS-based interactive computer programme that predicts potential peatland restoration mosses using an ecological database.

    The database covers continental peatlands for Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. To use the predictive model, enter the following four environmental variables for your site: mean monthly temperature, mean monthly precipitation, pH of the surface water, and height of the peat surface above the water table. After inputting these, the programme will return the potential peatland species that can grow on your site under the specified conditions. The importance of the species is indicated by the "% cover" value that is given with the results.

The full programme is available from:
René J. Belland, Devonian Botanic Garden University of Alberta Edmonton, AB, Canada. T6G 2E1

Valid ranges are:
Mean annual temperature: -2.5 - +3.0°C,
Mean annual precipitation: 250 - 520mm,
Height above water table: -1.0 - 7.0 dm
pH: 3.5-8.5

Predict potential peatland restoration mosses
*Mean Annual Temperature(°C):
*Mean Annual Precipitation(mm):
*Height Above Water(dm):
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