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Use this page to search our online catalogue. Enter a UAMH number or Species Name and click Search. You can click on a result's name to view more data about the isolate or you can add the item to your shopping cart. We do not accept online payments but the shopping cart will lead you to our order form where you can contact us to order your chosen isolates. Alternatively you can consult our print Catalogue (PDF) and the search features of Adobe Reader.

See detailed instructions under Tips for Searching which may be opened as a PDF document.

NOTE: The current SEARCH routine does not allow you to find alternate names for a fungus. When searching for a Species Name, you may enter the species epithet in the search field Species Name and obtain a result. E.g. Hymenoscyphus ericae is now known as Rhizoscyphus ericae. Enter the term ericae into the search box.